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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from our team

Q: Is Billow Funeral Homes a family business?

As sixth-generation funeral home owners, the Billow family understands what it means to care for an entire community with true dignity and respect.

Q: Why should you pre-plan a funeral? 

The three important reasons to pre-plan include 1) increased comfort with mortality and humanity, 2) peace of mind, and 3) financial benefit getting today's prices for a future event. Watch this video to learn more:

Q: How does the Billow family approach cremation?

Some funeral homes outsource cremation processes, but at Billow's Funeral Homes in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, their team operates a state-of-the-art crematory on-site, so families can have peace-of-mind knowing their loved one is cared for with dignity and respect at all times. 

Q: Does Billow partner with other local businesses?

Yes, we do! In fact, we recently teamed up with local arts Don Drumm, and here's that story:

Q: Can you tell us more about your spaces?

Cemetery services are often an unexpected expense. But they don’t have to be. You can choose to fund your pre-arranged plans now, and the costs will be locked in for the future, even if prices for various services and products increase. You don’t have to pre-pay if you pre-plan, but it is the best way to take the financial burden off your family. So it’s definitely a smart option to consider. Also, please know that your payments and plans can be adjusted later, should your wishes change over time. So there’s nothing to regret by going through the process now. Your decisions don’t have to be final.